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Monday, May 25, 2009

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Question on Thursday Training


do I have to buy QuickBooks to attend?

Warren, the thursday morning training is how to use QuickBooks...

although it is training on how to use QuickBooks you do not need Quickboos to attend the training...

attend the class, check out the benefits and see if it will be a tremendous resource, tool, and money maker for you.


The True Meaning of Memorial Day

The True Meaning of Memorial Day - PRICELESS

Friday, May 22, 2009

QuickBooks Training & Short Sale Secrets Training (2 Sessions)

OK Friend, most of you
got me on this one and I just got in a hurry
and did not pay attention...

You can attend LIVE training in person
or LIVE on the internet and teleseminar
Next Thursday, May 28
TWO training sessions.

BOTH for Only $99
(copy and paste into your browser)

Morning Session:
- QuickBooks For Investors

Afternoon Session:
- Short Sale Mastery Secrets
(this guy has done 0ver 50 in 12 months)

This is 100% Training.. not a sales pitch

Two ways to attend... LIVE in person or ONLINE

Get the details below
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Hurry and Grab Your Seat Now - (Only 50 Online Slots)
Bring Your Office Manager, Bookkeeper, Partner,
spouse, kids, and fellow investors

See You On Thursday! and Have a SAFE
and Great Memorial Day weekend

Mike Butler

P.S. One more thing, Thursday is the BONUS day
for Make Your 1st Million attendees... You can attend
Thursday for free if you grab one of the 5 remaining
seats for Make Your 1st Million...
Get all the details and Discounted Pricing

(copy and paste into your browser)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Get Your FREE Video publishing software..(they try to sell you two things first, but get the free one, it's neat)http://ping.fm/yFLhQ
Get this FREE Video publishing software..(they try to sell you two things first, but get the free one, it's neat) http://ping.fm/4yXBs

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Next Thur. 1-QuickBooks For Investors, 2- Short Sale Secrets, ALL Training, NO Selling!

QuickBooks Training & Short Sale Secrets Training (2 Sessions)

Morning Session
Afternoon BONUS Session


For Real Estate Investors

using 5mWAP Investor Books and Tenant Tracking

For Real Estate Investors, Brokers, Rehabbers, Landlords,
Property Managers, Wholesalers, WholeTailers, Retailers,
Hard Money Lenders, IRA Deals, Multiple Entities,
Multiple Partners, Accountants, CPAs, and more!

BRING Your Own HUD 1 Closing Statement
and You Learn How to Enter It In QuickBooks

and Do It In less than 3 Minutes!

Picture Yourself Simply "Pushing A Button" to
Email Your Books to Your CPA to prepare your tax returns...
NO Grocery Sacks, NO File Folders, NO Receipts, NO Kidding!

Now You Can Push A Button:

- Track Rehabs to the Penny Right Now!

- See Your Cash Flow by Property/Owner!

- Capitalized Expenses made brain dead simple

- See what you owe, by loan and by lender.

- See what you own, sorted by year and dollars invested

- See How to Get MORE Than 100% of Your Rents!

- Tenant Chargeable Repairs really work, especially
with the Work Order feature... (they sign off on it!)

- Over 200 additional income and money makers
automatically set up for your real estate business

- Reduce/Avoid Tenant Turnovers and make
more money doing it

- See How to Do Rent with Option to Buy

- Seller Financing when you buy and sell.

- Buy Notes, Mortgages, and paper with
Your IRA for tax free profit

- Investors who retail properties can now
capture every red cent and see true profit.

- For Residential and Commercial Investors!

- Single Family and Multi-Family

- Builders, Developers, Condos, Mobile Homes,
Mini, Self Storage, Marinas and more!

- Bring Your Office Manager, Bookkeeper,
Property Manager, Partner, family, spouse.

SPECIAL BONUS - You get 30 Day access to ODV (On Demand Video)
Training Librar

Short Sale Secrets

This is a "Hands ON" workshop with Under The Radar EXPERT
and my good friend

Dave Halpern

He's Done OVER 50 Short Sales
in the last 12 Months!

- Here's What You'll Learn From Dave!

See How to Get Your Short Sale Offers Accepted!

- 3 Fatal Mistakes made by investors and Real Estate Agents

- 5 MUST Knows to Play In The Short Sale Game

- How to "Nail Down" Your Deal So You Don't Lose It

- How to Make Your Offer MOVE FAST

- Discover Who YOU Want to Talk with and who to avoid wasting your precious time

- How to Protect Your Seller/Borrower so they will keep sending you more deals

- Get 3 Secrets The Lenders Hope You NEVER Discover!

- Get the right forms to use

- Your Real Estate Attorney can
kill your deal or make it happen.

- Learn exactly how to train your attorney and title company

- Case Study examples of real deals explained in simple, step by step,
"investor language" you can understand.

- Hidden Hazards involving Short Sales
including how to CYA when doing
these deals. (Some are like playing
with hand grenades)

- How to Drive Short Sale Leads to YOU
over and over allowing you to "Cherry
Pick" the killer deals without wasting
your precious time on dead frogs.

* This is NOT a Sales Pitch!

Dave Halpern will NOT teach unless the classroom door
is closed! He does NOT want his PROVEN Secrets
to Get Out To the Public.
ONLY Those Investors Who Are Dedicated To Turbo-Charging Their Real Estate Business NOW!


Dave has nothing to sell. 100% All Training!
Dave's secret session will be recorded and published so other
investors and Real Estate Agents
can get their hands on his tips.

The Short Sale Secrets Training Session
with Short Sale Master Dave Halpern will
be recorded and you will have the
inside track on how to get these
power packed and money making
secrets from the master!

2 Training Sessions
Reg. $249


ONLY $99
Bring A Guest For FREE!

Thursday, May 28

8:30 am - 4:30pm
(Doors Open 8am)

NEW Sheraton Hotel Riverside
700 West Riverside Drive
Jeffersonville, IN 47130

Do You Need To Stay Overnight?
Special Discounted Room Rate: Only $99
Mention Mike Butler or Make Your 1st Million

hurry.gifONLINE Slots!

Teleseminar and Video Webcast
BOTH at the Same Time!

LISTEN On Your Phone or Computer!

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Get Back To LIFE and FUN!

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ONLY $99
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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Check This Out, You might Save 50%

I NEVER knew. I've been using Sprint since the 90's and never got a phone call asking "how's it going" or "Let me reduce your monthly bill"... Check this out... this Sprint guy who works in the commercial account dept (all you need is a tax id #) Cut My Bill In HALF! PLUS a free phone & internet.. He does accounts all over USA. Call Bryan Wimsatt 502-817-5843 or email bryan.wimsatt@sprint.com

Tony R. Green
Wow! Thanks for sharing Mike. I've been a long time customer too & I've had sooooo many problems with Sprint billing, I'm not sure while I'm still with them. I just have come out of contract with them, but if this dude can help, I'll probably stay with them.
I am serious about this Tony... This guy is for real and it blew me away... He works banker hours Monday - Friday but is really gung ho and will take calls anytime... i gave you his phone number (his cell phone) and email.... he can punch up your account and fix it all..
i was impressed because it seems like you can NEVER get a real human being who gives a $#% ... this guy took care of my phone and my daughters.
Short Sales... The Do's & Don'ts... Save Time, Make more.. FREE Training Mon at 9pm http://ping.fm/oYUTi

Monday, May 11, 2009

Free Training Call in 3.5hrs, 9pm est, How You can profit with "Option Auctions" http://ping.fm/wtYZp
9 Proven Techniques to Double Sales http://ping.fm/xzGfM #infusionsoft

Friday, May 8, 2009

Finally, Hassle Free Cheap Credit Reports Now online for mom and pop landlords and investors http://ping.fm/yQqf0

Friday, May 1, 2009

Rachel Alexandar blew them away and wins the Oaks!
Churchill Downs full of folks dressed in pink for the Kentucky Oaks... they're off in 20 minutes!